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New SPIDER-MAN solo film title announced; potential new villain revealed

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Let it never be said that Marvel doesn’t do coy wordplay. As was rumoured last week, it has been announced that the upcoming Spider-Man solo movie, the first to take place in the official Marvel Cinematic Universe after their landmark co-production deal with Sony, will in fact be titled Spider-Man: Homecoming.


The news comes out of CinemaCon in Las Vegas, which is normally just a convention for movie theatre owners, but for some reason has turned into kind of a big deal lately. And it was during Sony’s turn at the mic that Chairman Tom Rothman took to the stage and made the announcement about the new title, also explaining its double meaning. As we already know, this new Spidey adventure is taking the character back to his high school days, and the title is a reference to that (a la the Homecoming Dance aka our Matric Ball) as well a “homecoming to the Marvel cinematic universe” for the character. Nice.

19-Year old British actor Tom Holland will be making his debut as the new Peter Parker aka Spider-Man in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, his performance in which is already drawing rave reviews. And we may even already know who he is going to take on after he’s done getting stuck in the middle of a fight between Captain America and Iron Man.

According to Devin Faraci over on BMD, Spider-Man: Homecoming will feature Vulture as the film’s main baddie. You may recall Sam Raimi had planned to use Vulture as his villain of choice in Spider-Man 4 after finishing Spider-Man 3, before the director butting heads creatively with the studio on the third film resulted in the hot steaming mess that we ended up with, and scuttling the franchise for the next years.


Interestingly, while there’s been no official word yet on Vulture’s involvement in the upcoming film, Faraci came on this news earlier when he ran into a source at CinemaCon before the Sony conference. The source also revealed the Spider-Man: Homecoming title to him at the time, before Rothman made his announcement, which of course turned out to be true. So right now, until officially proven otherwise, I’m inclined to treat this report as true as well.

And for the uninitiated, Vulture has been a mainstay in Spidey’s rogues gallery for nearly as long as the hero has been around, as he was actually only the second supervillain that Spider-Man ever faced in the comics. There have actually been a couple of people to use the name Vulture, but the original and most widely known is Adrian Toomes, an elderly tech genius who built a harness that granted him superhuman strength and flight as a means to take revenge on his business partner who screwed him out of a job. He would eventually also use the harness for other criminal activities. Naturally.


Over time though, the character’s abilities have changed slightly as prolonged exposure to the exotic materials used in the harness mutated his hands and feet into talons, and also had his flight and strength imbued onto him without needing to use the harness itself. Unfortunately, the same exotic materials also gave him life-threatening cancer, which has just made him into even more of desperate, vicious and violent villain.

With Holland’s Spider-Man being the youngest we’ve ever seen on screen, and with the movie reportedly being portrayed as a coming-of-age youth story, it’s really intriguing that the first villain this rebooted Spidey would take on is also one of his oldest. There’s definitely a nice poetry to that that I really like.

Now if Marvel and Sony can just announce that they’re getting John Malkovich to play the role, I can truly rejoice.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is directed by Jon Watts (Cop Car) and also stars Zendaya Coleman and Marisa Tomei. It is scheduled for release on July 7, 2017.

Last Updated: April 13, 2016


  1. Well the flight suit that they can use for this already exists in the MCU, they can even tie that to Falcon in some way O_o


    • RinceThis

      April 13, 2016 at 09:31

      You stop it! Falcon is a good guy, he would never lend his wings to bad purposes!


      • Unavengedavo

        April 13, 2016 at 09:33

        Never said he would lend his wings. But Falcon did mention that he was part of a special unit, so it could be one of them that also had access to a flight suit like that? O_o


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