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New WALKING DEAD Season 5 Part 2 trailer, spin-off series details

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If you’ve been missing your weekly dose of zombie slaying and family drama then good news: the latter half of The Walking Dead (TWD) season 5 shambles onto our screens on 8th February. To whet your appetite here’s the second trailer showing some actual footage from the upcoming episodes (you can catch the first trailer here):


Crossbow bolt right to the head! That’s one zombie that stands no chance of adventuring again.

You may also have heard that TWD is getting its own spin-off series, with a pilot episode ordered by show network AMC. Kervyn told us about the proposed character descriptions a few months ago, but these seem to have changed a touch now as more details have emerged after the script for the pilot written by TWD co-creator Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson (Low Winter Sun) was obtained to Bleeding Cool (they’ve since removed excerpts from the script after a legal complaint).

While the spin-off is yet to get its own official title (its working title is Cobalt), the pilot episode is titled Fear the Walking Dead. Maybe we just need to get to know them better, or give them an Oscar nod? While TWD itself starts well after the zombie outbreak has devastated the world, the spin-off (which I’ll call The Crawling Dead because, you know, you have to learn to crawl before you can walk. Shut up, don’t judge me.) is set much earlier in the time line and in Los Angeles; with the zombie outbreak still very much in its infant stages, much confusion about what exactly is going on, and the US CDC denying the existence of zombies – but we know they’re coming right? The pilot will apparently incorporate found footage to show the chaos as it spreads. It’s also already been confirmed that there is no plan to have characters from the two shows to overlap.

The main focus of the family drama will be on Sean Cabrera (Cliff Curtis – Gang Related, Missing), the divorced father of son Cody (as yet uncast), who is dating Miranda Tompkins (Kim Dickens – Sons of Anarchy, Gone Girl), herself a single mother with two children – Nick (a monster Frank Dillane – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) and Ashley (Alycia Debnam Carey – The 100). The show will deal with their struggle to stay together, and alive,  while dealing with the end of the world as they know it. I’m sure it’ll all work out as they’ll all act reasonably and communicate effectively with each other, yes…

It sounds like it has potential. Personally I’d like to see how the world falls apart as the zombie outbreak first begins and then spreads. That’s what’ll make or break this series for me – it’ll need to show how that happens while not focusing narrowly on the “family” because they exist in that world, not the devastated world TWD survivors find themselves which allows for a narrow focus. What do you think?

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