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No lie, Tim Burton wants to make a Pinocchio movie, grabs Jane Goldman to write a script

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Ignore the fact that I already have a massive schnozz, and listen to this bit of truth: There’s now a second Pinocchio movie being developed. Warner Bros is looking to get a live action tale of the little wooden bastard made, with Tim Burton directing, and Robert Downey Jr starring in the lead role as the lonely woodcarver, Geppetto.

They’re going to need a script first though, and fortunately for them, they’ve roped in Jane “Kick-Ass” Goldman to give the move blueprint a go.

Much like in every other adaptation of the classic tale, the film will revolve around the heir-less woodworker and his dream of having a son, before he carves one out for himself that magically comes to life.

Of course, Pinocchio isn’t your average child, and being made of wood, every time he fibs, his nose grows in length. Burton and Downey Jr have already expressed interest in the film, despite not having signed on for it, and it’s made a departure for the director, having staffed the majority of his films in recent years with Johnny Depp.

Helena Bonham Carter will most likely sneak in though, probably as the wish-granting deity who brings Pinocchio to life. I’m totally calling it. Goldman was brought in, in an attempt to coax one of, or both of the two Hollywood heavyweights to commit to the project, and it looks like Goldman will be working off of a script already submitted by Bryan “Pushing Daisies” Fuller.

As in previous versions of the tale, Downey’s Geppetto is a woodcarver who creates a puppet that he dreams would become a real boy, but that puppet constantly tells lies causing its nose to grow before it eventually runs away.

As for that other Pinocchio film mentioned earlier? That’s one that is being led by Guillermo Del Toro. Which means that it most likely won’t be anywhere near as family friendly as this version could be.

Last Updated: November 16, 2012

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