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Nobody expects Jason Isaacs as the Inquisitor in STAR WARS: REBELS!

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If there’s one thing that was missing from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, it was a villain who could rival Darth Vader in terms of presence, power and intimidation. Sure, Count Dooku was there, but he was about as interesting as nerf herding, while Darth Maul barely got a season of action before the show was axed. In Star Wars: Rebels however, expect the Inquisitor to be that very real threat to the new heroes.

And that’s a role that will be filled by the vocal chords of Jason Isaacs as he pops up during the series. EW had a video detailing the new menace. If you don’t feel like watching that video, here’s the low-down: The Inquisitor is essentially a dark side user, but not a Sith as that master and apprentice position has been filled by the Emperor and Darth Vader.

Instead, he’s a hunter of Jedi, and an eliminator of anyone who shows any sign of being Force-sensitive, as Vader sends him on various missions. As the primary villain of the show however, the people behind Rebels are insisting that he has to be more than just a dangerous opponent who is defeated every week. Such a Saturday morning cartoon formula undermines and undervalues the character. “He’s cold, he’s analytical, he doesn’t get angry,” said Lucasfilm Story Group’s Pablo Hidalgo to EW.

We all took care to make sure our villains have real presence and our heroes just can’t walk all over him. This isn’t like cartoons I grew up with in the 80s where you’d have the villain lose every week and yet every week we’d have to believe he’s some sort of threat. When The Inquisitor shows up, it means something significant and it’s a definite challenge for our heroes.

If Jason Isaacs sounds like a familiar name to you, that’s because you might remember the actor from the Harry Potter films where he played the Malfoy patriarch, or his role in Mel Gibson’s The Patriot as Colonel William Tavington, who killed the Joker in an ambush battle. That’s how I remember the film at least.

Rebels arrives later this year. Hopefully the Force will be strong with it.

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  2. Johann

    July 18, 2014 at 12:52

    Realy stoked about this series. The previous ones were pretty good and I have a feeling this will be even better.


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