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What is normal in this trailer for I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER?

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Based on the 2010 novel of the same name by author Dan Wells, and the first in his series of ‘John Cleaver’ novels, I Am Not A Serial Killer is the upcoming thriller about a young man working very hard to appear… normal. It also happens to be one of Nick’s most common protestations, but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

The official plot synopsis is as follows:

Sixteen-year-old John Wayne Cleaver (Max Records, Where the Wild Things Are) is not a serial killer—but he has all the makings of one. Keeping his homicidal tendencies and morbid obsessions with death and murder in check is a constant struggle that only gets harder when a real serial killer begins terrorizing his sleepy Midwestern town. Now, in order to track down a psychopath and protect those around him, John must unleash his darkest inner demons.

It’s very hard to watch this and not immediately think, “young Dexter”, as the similarities between the characters are rather striking. That said it’s still an intriguing looking movie as the rule-bound Cleaver (a rather on-the-nose name if there ever was one) finds those rules tested by his obvious fascination with a killer who looks almost to be tempting him into giving in to his impulses.

What do you think?

I Am Not A Serial Killer is due for release in the US on 26 August. Directed by Billy O’Brien, it stars Max Records, Christopher Lloyd and Laura Fraser.

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Last Updated: August 4, 2016

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