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Tom Holland discusses that Back to the Future deep fake scene and wants to recreate it

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Deep fake technology can be incredibly scary with its potential to fool you into believing someone was literally saying and doing things that they weren’t. It can also sometimes bring us priceless gems like this remarkable reimagining of Back to the Future, but with Tom Holland as Michael J Fox’s Marty McFly and Robert Downey Jr as Christopher Lloyd’s Emmett “Doc” Brown. Playing on their mentor/mentee role from the MCU, that makes it not only more iconic but something that we wish really existed.

It’s a deep fake that Tom Holland himself has seen and was suitably impressed with, revealing during a new interview with BBC Radio 1 that remakes of the film have been discussed in the past with him and even though it’s unlikely to ever happen, he would like to at least see this deep faked scene recreated by the actual duo themselves:

I’d be lying if I said there hadn’t been conversations in the past about doing some sort of remake, but that film is the most perfect film- or one of the most perfect films, one that could never be made better. That said, if [Robert Downey Jr.] and I could just shoot that one scene that they remade for fun – he could pay for it cause he’s got loads of money – I would do it for my fee and we could remake that scene. I think we owe it to deep fake because they did such a good job. … I think I’m gonna speak to Robert and see if we can try to recreate something for deep fake.

I would definitely be keen to see them recreate this iconic scene, though would ultimately prefer if they could somehow do more than just a single short homage. While I wouldn’t want to see the film necessary rebooted, as I think it has held up pretty well to this day and remains exciting in its current form, I could definitely do with seeing more of Holland and Downey Jr mimicking scenes from it and turning out a series of skits or something based on this.

Much like Holland says though, that idea costs money and so hopefully the pair can garner more than just excitement but some of the necessary money to pull it off as well.

Last Updated: March 2, 2020

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