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This is not Liam Neeson’s last campaign in this trailer for OPERATION CHROMITE

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Liam Neeson has turned into this decade’s typical action hero. Whereas we have the likes of Jason Statham continuing to put out plenty of mindless action movies every year, Neeson takes out his bad guys with more class, ruthlessness and acting talent. Though that last point is a little dubious if based on those last two Taken films. Nonetheless, he remains a lethal man in movies whose body count continues to rise. However, as strong as his reputation has moved towards being an action hero, few may remember that he actually got his big break in dramatic roles and in a war movie in particular, with Steven Spielberg’s Shindler’s List.

And why is all this relevant. Because this next movie, Operation Chromite, will see him return to a war setting – only a more action packed one, so consider it a bit of both worlds. And this time it’s the Korean War for Neeson as a commander of a battleship. The film centers on the surprise attack in what is today called the Battle of Inchon, a key maneuver that drove the North Koreans out of the South and is considered a major milestone in South Korean military history.

What makes this film unique is that it is actually a Korean War movie with a largely Korean cast, so hopefully this adds something a little different that what we get in your typical American war films. Also, expect a lot of pro-South Korean emotion in the film. Just as American movies promote American pride, it looks like this one is set to do the same for South Koreans.

If the trailer is anything to go by, it appears that the film has all your typical war clichés written into it and focuses more heavily on action than on big drama. So think more Pearl Harbour than Saving Private Ryan. It looks like a pretty solid action movie, though perhaps a little too light on drama and tension to appease war movie fans.

You can read the official synopsis below:

Operation Chromite” is the codename for the Battle of Inchon that took place on Sept. 15, 1950, shortly after the Korean War (1950-53) broke out on June 25. It was a surprise attack in which U.N. forces landed in the South Korean harbor city to drive out the North Koreans, and is recognized as a turning point for U.N.-backed South Korea against the communist North. Operation Chromite will focus on eight Korean war heroes.

The film is out in South Korean theatres this month and will make its way to the US in limited release on August 12th. No news yet on when or if it is set for release in South Africa.

Operation Chromite

Last Updated: July 7, 2016

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