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Patty Jenkin’s Rogue Squadron Star Wars movie won’t be connected to the books or video games

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There was so much Disney news that dropped over the past weekend that you could easily be forgiven for having missed out on many of the exciting announcements from the world’s largest entertainment studio. Especially for Star Wars and Marvel fans who have a host of exciting movies and series to look forward to, easily making Disney+ one of the must-subscribe streaming services.

One of those exciting pieces of news was that we will be getting a new Star Wars movie in the near future, to be directed by none other than Wonder woman director Patty Jenkins, making her the first female director of a Star Wars movie ever. The new movie will be titled Rogue Squadron and is based on the heroic X-Wing fighting team who boasted members such as Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles and who often came to save the day in many Star Wars stories.

Of course, there have been many books and games set around the heroic Rogue Squadron over the years (all now relegated to the Star Wars Legends branding), most of which have been highly beloved by fans. However, in a recent interview with IGN, Jenkins revealed that while the planned film will be taking some influence from these stories, it will not be adapting any of them. Rogue Squadron will rather feature a wholly original plot and characters as it appears Disney has finally started to learn their lesson on rehashing old star Wars stories:

[In the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron movie] we’re doing something original with great influence from the games and the books. There’s a lot of things being acknowledged and understood about the greatness of all of those things, but yes, it’s an original story and I’m so psyched to do it.

As the Mandalorian has reminded the world, there is still plenty of life in the Star Wars universe and many exciting stories to tell. I love that they will be focusing on new characters though and rather giving fans something news to embrace rather than trying to rehash old familiar characters and making this ginormous universe feel far too small. This also won’t be part of some big drawn-out trilogy of films, but rather a standalone effort.

With the other announced Star Wars film also a standalone feature to be helmed by Taika Waititi, another one of the most promising directors in Hollywood, I think there is a lot to look forward to in the franchise once more after the last few movies nearly ruined it for many.  

Last Updated: December 15, 2020

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