Paul Verhoeven is a naughty boy, with his upcoming take on a Jesus film

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When is the last time that we had a movie director really stir the public up? Roman Polanski has dodged the extradition bullet, while other directors have had to endure a wave of criticism when addressing the religous icon that is Jesus Christ with anything less than respect, in their movies.

And now, Paul Verhoeven, the man behind such films as Robocop, Starship Troopers and Total Recall, is bringing a certain book that he helped write regarding the messiah and his miracles, to the big screen.

Back in 2006, Verhoeven, alongside Susan Massotty and Rob Van Scheers , wrote a book on the icon, and put forth the idea that while the man may have existed, his miracles were all pure fiction.

Of course, a crap-storm or two did erupt over that specific work, but it looks like Verhoeven is going to stir the pot once more, when he converts that work into a film, according to Deadline.

Alongside Roger “Pulp Fiction” Avary, Verhoeven have begun writing the film script, which will be shot far, far away from the United States. As Verhoeven himself explained it, way back in 2006 already:

Essentially it is about Jesus the human being. That’s a big step isn’t it? To see him only as a human being, and it’s as historical as possible. It really goes into the politics of the time and tries to show a lot of things that have been buried and eliminated by Christianity.

My scriptwriter told me not to do the movie in the United States because they might shoot me. So I took his advice and decided to write a book about it first.

I was interested in Black Magic and the Occult and then started to be interested in miracles. My view was always, ‘Well this is impossible, in fact it’s self-contradictory.’ So I became interested in the historical facts: what time did he get up and so on.

I feel like Hercule Poirot investigating Jesus!

Bible movies seem to be fashionable once again, with numerous directors tackling different books. Darren Aronofsky has Russel Crowe lined up for his Noah flick, Ridley Scott is busy getting a movie based on the book of Exodus in production, while Steven Spielberg himself is preparing to part the oceans once more with a project based on Moses.

Last Updated: June 20, 2012

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