Paul Walker is going to be a rebooted HITMAN

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Hey, remember the best video game movie of all time, Hitman? I guarantee you, no one has ever said that. While Hitman was far from being the worst such film ever made in that genre, it’s also one of the very most forgettable films to emerge as well, slinking back into the shadows from whence it came.

That 2007 film starred Timothy Olyphant as the conflicted Agent 47. And the reboot is now going to star Paul “Fast and Furious” Walker as the barcode-sporting anti-hero.

Fox will once agin be using the Square Enix property, which will be helmed by Aleksander Bach, man who has directed far more commercials than feature length films. Albeit award-winning commercials, so colour me cautiosly optmistic about his hiring.

On the other side though, Skip Woods is once again scripting this film, as he was the man behind the original film as well in the writing department. Set in a world where genetically engineered perfect assassins are sent out to perform contract killings, Hitman has had a cult following ever since it first appeared in video game form, with the latest title, Hitman: Absolution, appearing last year.

Walker will be handling the iconic Silverballer guns and red tie for this new garrote on the series, which will be shot throughout Berlin and Singapore. Is Walker the man for the job? I don’t doubt that he can pull off the more action-packed sequences for this film, but the understated nature of the character of Agent 47 requires a lot of subtle acting, something that may be a challenge for the man. But before then, he’ll once again be driving around on our screens in May, in the sixth Fast and the Furious film.

Last Updated: February 6, 2013

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