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POLTERGEIST finds its director

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Remake news! Poltergeist has been bubbling away at MGM for a while now, as the tale of a haunted house and various other spooky phenomena has been in development limbo for a while now. Sam Raimi joined the project last year in a producing capacity, and it looks like the movie has finally found a director, in the form of Gil “City of Ember” Kenan.

He’s heeeeeeeeeeere!

This won’t be Kenan’s first rodeo when it comes to spooky houses either, as he was the man behind the well received 2006 animated film Monster House, which shared a few similar threads with the original Poltergeist film. But in a more PG manner of course.

The original Poltergeist film was released way back yonder in 1982, with Tobe Hooper directing and Steven Spielberg producing, as it told the tale of a family under siege by violent phantasms. Two sequels followed, one in 1986 and another in 1988.

Last Updated: March 7, 2013

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