Poster round-up – The WOLVERINE is still arty, ENDER'S GAME has some propoganda

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If there’s one aspect of Hollywood that is in decline right now, it’s the humble movie poster. They’re way too familiar, relying on tired ideas in order to get their message out. Still, there’s always a slight glimmer of hope on the horizon, and two films in particular have the right idea when it comes to dynamic advertising.

wolvie header

Ender’s Game is making good use of a more militaristic Earth for its promotional campaign, as it goes into super-liminal territory by shouting at potential viewers “HEY YOU, JOIN THE ARMY!”. My service ends in two years by the way. Provided that I survive a tour of duty in Super-Iraq. Here are those posters before I ship off for my final haircut.

Next up, The Wolverine is staying arty, as well as go-go dancy for some reason:

I’ve been loving these ink-washed posters so far, to the point that I want to frame a couple of them. Dammit Hollywood, we need more of this. Even if it is for a run of the mill rom-com.

Last Updated: June 26, 2013

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