Reboot of I AM LEGEND on the cards

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Quicker than you can say ‘I am Reboot’, the rather awesome movie I am Legend (2007, directed by Francis Lawrence) is set to return to the big screen, only this time it’s most likely without Will Smith. Deadline has reported that Warner Bros. is going to adapt the script of A Garden at the end of the World by Gary Graham into a I am Legend reboot. Well when I say reboot, I mean that they are turning the script into a newer version of the 2007 post-apocalyptic hit which everyone seems to be doing these days.

The studio had actually been trying for years to get another I Am Legend movie (SPOILER on the ending incoming!) made with Will Smith, (I Said SPOILER!) but their plans were made a tad bit more difficult when they decided to, you know, kill off Will Smith’s Dr Robert Neville at the end of the movie in a big clichéd hero moment, instead of going with the far superior alternate ending (included on the DVD\Blu Ray) which lets Neville live to realize his terrible actions. They even toyed around with a prequel idea for a bit, just to find some way to shoehorn Smith back into the role.

But now they’ve finally given up on that entire premise it seems, and just got this new idea up and running. So far little is known about Graham’s script or even when it takes place but it will see the return of James Lassiter and Joby Harold who produced the original movie. Graham actually penned the script while working for Apple and submitted it through the Black List. Well he was recognized so we may have another movie where our protagonist spends most of the movie dreaming of ways to interact with mannequins. What do you think? Leave the movie alone as is (with the PROPPER ending) or start something new?

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Last Updated: October 6, 2014

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  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    Sounds more like a shameless cash-in on a recognisable name, and if they wouldn’t give the first one the PROPPER ending then what are the chances this time around?

  • I was about to come and rebuke you for using the word ‘reboot’, but this appears to have nothing to do with the book. They are basically stealing its name again and just using it on a different story.

  • Captain JJ Browmehn

    A reboot of a movie based on a book?
    Where has creativity gone?

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