Risk the future in this new trailer and poster for PROJECT ALMANAC

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What is the first rule of time travel? Damned if I know. There are two schools of thought: either you can accidentally change the future completely or your chronistic meddling really has no impact. So either avoid crushing that dinosaur bug or go all-out and stab the first T-Rex you can find. I like Freakazoid’s take on it: even if you change time, who else but you will know?

project almanac

Time travel is a very common theme in movies, inspiring millions of debates about how Kyle Reese can be John Connor’s dad. You could go all the way into terribly heady territory and explain what the hell Primer was all about. Some people swear they get it, but it always manages to lose me. Still, it is one of the finest time travel movies ever made.

Will Project Almanac have the same effect? In this found footage film a group of teenagers discover the components for a time machine and get it to work. They then go forth to make their lives better, but soon the consequences of their adventures start to show.

I’m not a great fan of found footage, even though I seem to watch a lot of them. This reminds me most of Chronicle, the locally-shot found footage film about teenagers gaining superpowers from a mysterious meteorite. But that may just be the focus on teenagers, though Project Almanac‘s producers are sure to want to emulate Chronicle‘s success.

Project Almanac looks slick, perhaps a bit too slick. Unless teenagers are truly obsessively not only filming everything, but also leaving cameras around while running, Project Almanac may fall into the common trap of impossible cameras. Perhaps I’m just a purist, but there are rules to these things and odd camera positions really break the suspension of disbelief. But it’s not fair to judge Project Almanac by its trailer. So here’s the poster!


Last Updated: November 19, 2014

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