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Roland Emmerich wants to destroy the White House – again

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Just what does director Roland Emmerich have against the White House anyway? The oval office HQ has been destroyed by the director twice already, first in that iconic sequence in Independence day, and again in his other disaster film, 2012.

And now Emmerich is going for a hat trick, as he gets ready to direct the action drama film White House down.

Amazing Spider-Man writer James Vanderbilt recently negotiated a $3 million paycheck for his latest script, as Sony bought the rights to his story, which has been described as Die Hard meets Air Force One.

Further details are being kept under wraps right now, but with clues such as that, it’s easy to guess what exactly is going to happen. In fact, I’m going to take a stab at it right now, with my own guesstimated synopsis;

When Serbian pro-abortion terrorists strike at the heart of American democracy, cutting off the leader of the free world from any help, it’s up to one plucky Secret Service agent with various problems at home to fight back, save the day, and win the heart of his estranged wife while making it to his daughters high school in time for her piano recital.

From the man who destroyed the White House on two seperate occassions, in film, comes his ultimate masterpiece of freemasonry structure disassembly.

White House Down

If I don’t see Harrison Ford play the president, while shotgunning terrorists with a one-liner, such as “Get off my lawn!”, I’m going to be very disappointed.

Last Updated: April 3, 2012

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