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Rumour: Christoph Waltz joins next BOND

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Not everyone liked Skyfall, including me. Yet I am one of Quantum of Solace‘s defenders, considering it a right move back towards the core of the James Bond mythology. The super spy has been on the bog screen for over half a century and during that time enjoyed numerous changes and renaissances. But Skyfall struck a bad chord with me. I though the villain’s plan less sense than Christopher Walken’s plot in A View To A Kill, arguably the worst Bond film ever made. This was not due to a lack of talent: Javier Bardem is a solid actor and has shown he can play a mean bad guy. But Skyfall gave him about as much to work with as a CEO’s son in a VP position. It was also a mess of a script that seemed to produce endless plot holes as it tried to tell its story.


So I’m not exactly jumping with joy that Christoph Waltz may have joined the cast for the next Bond movie. Speculation is now if he’ll play the main villain, which would be fantastic providing Bond‘s scriptwriters can get their heads unstuck down below and back into fresh air. But likely not and we can expect more genius storytelling from the people who contrived that the villain is gay, has computers that do something nefarious, and can seemingly hire mercenaries who don’t seem to care that he’s simply on a crazy revenge binge. Seriously, I wish they had just one scene where Skyfall‘s Bardem convinced his guys about the obvious suicide mission into the British parliament. Or that you can assault a super spy’s home by stopping at the edge of the yard and simply walking up.

Still, Waltz is a big catch for the film and even if the new Bond sucks, he should be entertaining. Then again, Waltz wasn’t enough to save the steaming pile of crap that became The Zero Theorem. He was initially in talks for the next Pirates of the Caribbean, but that role may have ironically gone to Bardem. Principle shooting will start soon and the same rumour source claims the 24th Bond film will take place in Morocco, Mexico, Austria, Italy and London. The current cast includes Daniel Craig, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris, Ralph Fiennes, Lea Seydoux and Dave Bautista.

Last Updated: November 14, 2014

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