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Rumour: Could Justin Lin be the director for AKIRA?

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For many Akira fans, news about the pending live-action adaptation cult classic anime is quite frustrating to read, as we repeatedly hear confirmations that the film is definitely coming, but never anything concrete. Especially with regards to potential directors or actors to give hope that the film is definitely going to be made. We’ve had Christopher Nolan tagged to direct a full trilogy and also rumours of it being made into a TV series instead. So its difficult to know exactly what the studio expects at the moment. And so, with this next piece of news, treat it as all the other rumours: with a large helping of salt.

It seems that although Warner Bros is aware that hey have a potential strong franchise on their hands, but they are not sure exactly how that should look or who to entrust it with to give it the live-action treatment it deserves. Honestly, with material as popular as Akira, you would think many directors would be jumping at the chance to direct it, so it does concern me that they are struggling to find someone and hopefully its because they are being rightly fussy about getting it right, rather than putting directors off with their demands. Hopefully though, they have landed on the correct guy this time and finally secure a director for the film.


In a recent interview on Meet the Movie press (with the lead provided by ScreenRant), it would appear that Warner Bros are actively courting Justin Lin (Fast Five, Furious 6, True Detective) for the role. This is simply courting and the news was not revealed in any official press release, so again could simply just be wild rumours and speculation.

While Lin is Taiwanese American and Akira is Japanese, I do think the attempt to have an Asian director helm the film does make a lot of sense and would be a good move by the studio. Lin also has that flair for action which would make the movie exciting. Lin is currently invested in other projects, including Star Trek: Beyond and potentially getting Space Jam 2 going with LeBron James, so I’m not so sure he would be available to work on this film anytime soon.

Are there any directors who you think would be great for Akira?

Last Updated: June 29, 2016

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