Samuel L Jackson in Robocop? I'd buy that for a dollar!

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The Robocop remake is starting to shape up, and unlike other reboots and remakes in the works, it doesn’t sound quite so soulless. Still, while Joel Kinnaman can no doubt handle the role with passion and humanity, he’s not exaclty a big name star. So who can Hollywood rely on to give the film some much needed star power?

Samuel L Motherloving Jackson of course!While Gary Oldman will be handling sciencey duties as the researcher responsible for the Robocop project that transforms Kinnaman into the lean mean, justice-enforcin’ machine, Jackson has signed on to portray Pat Novak, a “charismatic TV mogul”.

The new Robocop, which has a script from James Vanderbilt, will tackle more than just cyborg justice, as it will also take several jabs at big media and the way that they influence our lives.

And compared to how the original Robocop made such subtle references to the media as well, back in the eighties, it’s reassuring to know that the film won’t just be a straight-up action festival.

Plus, the idea of having Samuel L Jackson shout information at us while we watch the telly, is pure genius. “FACTS MOTHERLOVER! DO YOU WANT TO BUY THIS FOR A DOLLAR OR NOT?”

Robocop starts shooting in September this year.

Last Updated: June 7, 2012

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