Say goodbye to David Finchers "The Goon"

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Well this is some sad news. It looks the CG adaptation of the popular Dark Horse comic book may no longer be on the cards, as it appears that the project has run out of cash.

Based on the comics by Eric Powell, the Goon tells the story of a mob enforcer by the same name, who often finds his schemes getting tangled up with supernatural events, while he fights back alongside his faithful friend and sidekick, Franky, a pyschotic little man with a chip on his shoulder as big as his attitude.

Director Fincher had been shopping around some promising test footage last year, and even had Paul Giamatti anc Clancy Brown on board for voice-acting, whiel Blur Studios would have handled the animation.

Fincher needed around $50 million to see the project realised. As an adult CGI film, Fincher remarked that “Hopefully this is the year that people go ‘Wait a minute! We don’t all have to be trying to imitate Pixar!'”

Speaking at Sundance yesterday, Paul Giamatti had a different opinion though. “I have no idea what the hell happened. I asked and no one knows. I guess they just ran out of money”, Giamatti said.

Creator Eric Powell is being optimistic however, saying that ” Last I spoke with Fincher and Blur, they were gearing up for more meetings to try and find financing for the film”.

“It’s not dead until Fincher and Blur come to me and say they are done.”

I’m hoping with all my heart that this project isn’t dead. It’s a fantastic comic book, and in the surreal hands of Fincher, it could be the hit CGI film that adults can go watch and eave the kids behind at home for once.

Last Updated: January 26, 2012

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