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Sci-fi short Archetype being made into full length film

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Seems like that old Kevin Costner movie was indeed right. No, not The Bodyguard, the good one, Field of Dreams. If you build it, they will indeed come. Just ask Aaron Sims, a visual designer who had previously done production work on a number of high profile films. He created the no-budget 7 minute short film Archetype, which would have wowed our pants off if were ever wore any.

At the time, I asked that Hollywood just give him cash by the bucket loads to turn Archetype into a full length feature film. Well, it seems Hollywood was listening.

THR is reporting that John Davis, producer on a few small sci-fi films you may have heard of (something called Chronicle and another one called I, Robot something or other), has picked up the film rights for Sims’ work. Davis has apparently also setup a first look deal with Twentieth Century Fox.

Sims would of course direct the film, while Guy Busick and Ryan Murphy will be penning the script based on Sims’ work. And before you ask the question, no that is not the same Ryan Murphy that created Glee. Don’t expect to see any cyborg killing machines breaking out into Beyonce/Adele mashup songs any time soon.

And in case you forgot, or maybe your body is just suffering from a vitamin-Amazing deficiency and needs a boost, here’s the original short film for your viewing pleasure.

“RL7 is an eight-foot tall combat robot that goes on the run after malfunctioning with vivid memories of once being human. As its creators and the military close in, RL7 battles its way to uncovering the shocking truth behind its mysterious visions and past.”


PS. It probably wasn’t my personal plea to Hollywood that got Aaron Sims this deal, but just in case I do have some kind of mystical wish granting abilities, I may as well cover all my bases:

Dear Hollywood, give me all your monies. Also, hit Michael Bay in the face with lead pipe.

Last Updated: March 1, 2012

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