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Sega classics ALTERED BEAST and STREETS OF RAGE to be adapted into film and TV series

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It’s a new week and so a new story about video game movie adaptations has to be told. At least that’s how 2016 has felt to me. And this time it’s Sega’s turn to get more movie love as two of their classic games are looking to get adapted into a movie and TV series collectively.

Variety has reported that Altered Beast and Streets of Rage will be adopted for a film and TV series respectively by Stories International. If these games are not familiar to you, then you should perhaps stop reading this article and head back to school. However for the rest who are old enough to remember the joys of standing in line to play in the arcade or owning a Mega Drive, this should bring a nice wave of nostalgia back to you.

While I would hardly define them as games of their generation, both these Sega classics featured some truly interesting fighting. Whereas the Altered Beast series was more of your classic fighting game that was trying to compete with the likes of Street Fighter, the Streets of Rage series was more of a beat’em up arcade game in the same vein as Capcom’s Final Fight. And while neither of these two games could live up to their counterparts, they provide to be fun offerings by Sega and proof that the company knew how to make some addictive gameplay back then.


Both these project are still in early development and so there is no planned release dates or further idea of how these projects might unfold, but it does follow on the news of other Sega game franchise’s that Stories International is looking to make into films and TV series, which include Shinobi with Marc Platt, Golden Axe, Virtua Fighter, The House of the Dead, and Crazy Taxi.  In fact, throw Sonic into the mix and you have arguably the best list of games Sega has ever made right here in this article.

Sega may not be at the forefront of the gaming industry any more, but it seems they might be looking to at least be at the forefront of the video-game movie industry with the way their properties are getting snapped up. Or they just need the cash. Either way, it will be interesting to see how these games turned out. Sega were not exactly known for weaving the most exciting of stories into their games and so we could see some interesting interpretations oft their material make it in these project.

Now I’ve gotten into a nostalgia binge mode and need to find me a way of playing these classics again. If your local arcade has a copy of these games and you happen to get shoved out of the way by some geek who urgently needs to play them. I’m sorry.

Last Updated: December 6, 2016

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