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By now, most of you are more than aware that we’re massive fans of Dredd 3D, the international flick which was shot locally this side. It’s the kind of film that completely mind-wipes the memory of the 1995 Stallone version of the character from your mind. And it may also be the reason why myself and Kervyn have been riding around on our scooters, wearing buckets on our heads and judging people.

Dredd 3D was a damn good film, that was true to the source material. So naturally, it tanked at the box office. Chances of a sequel are pretty much slim at this point. Unless you make your voice heard that is.


2000AD, the comic book and weekly publisher of all things Dredd have unleashed an online petition which they’ll be sending to Lionsgate, hoping to get a sequel kickstarted on the cult film. The petition currently has over 10 000 signatures, but a few million more couldn’t hurt. All you have to do is click here and subscribe, and your automatic death sentence of ignoring this awesome idea will be rescinded.

Dredd may have tanked at the box office, only making a global total of $34 million, but the DVD and Blu Ray sales were something else, as the film was the highest seller of 2012 in that home entertainment market. I’d commit several crimes which would have me sent to the iso-cubes for a Dredd sequel. How about you?

Last Updated: July 26, 2013

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