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So it looks like Ben Affleck won't be involved with JUSTICE LEAGUE after all. Maybe

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So remember how we all got so excited when Variety broke the news last week that Warner Bros had decided to offer their Justice League script to one director only in the form of of Ben Affleck? Hell, there were even claims that Affleck himself might be up for one of the key roles?

Could Variety have been guilty of some premature domesticated fowl arithmetic though?

A day after the initial story from Variety came out, Mike Fleming over on Deadline began “calling bullshit” – his words, not ours – on the article, saying that he had heard the same story from a source days ago, but when he contacted Affleck’s representatives they informed him that the actor/director had already decided to turn the project down. Fleming, in a great display of journalism, then told nobody about this until the Variety story came out. Which is kind of weird. Currently, Variety is sticking to their guns, saying that they outscooped Deadline, who were now just bitter over it.

Based on Affleck’s past statements that he would never again do a superhero movie after Daredevil, the fact that he had already turned down the Man of Steel directing job a while back, and the fact that with Gone Baby Gone, The Town and now Argo he’s bringing in the money and critical praise for Warner Bros, they would probably give him a look at just about any major project they’re developing, I’d be inclined to believe that he probably did turn down the offer.

But here’s where things get a bit tricky. While Deadline and Variety argue about whether he declined the offer or not, they both agree that he’ll probably have further meetings with Warner Bros brass about the project. If he’s turned it down, what else could there be to discuss? Could it be that while he may be leaning towards the negative, he actually hasn’t made his mind up as vehemently as Deadline are insinuating? Or maybe he doesn’t want to be behind the camera, but he’s possibly still open for a starring role?

Personally, if Affleck is involved in this, I would prefer it if he took on both jobs, as whenever he’s worked under his own direction, or from his own script, his performances have been stellar.

Last Updated: August 13, 2012

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