Home Entertainment Some boxes should never be opened, in this trailer forTHE COLLECTION

Some boxes should never be opened, in this trailer forTHE COLLECTION

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Ah Christmas. Tis the season to spread the love (And paycheck), buy some gifts and surprise your loved ones with a mystery box. And boy oh boy, are they going to be surprised when they open this box to find a psychopathic killer inside that will grab em!

I need a camera to capture that look on their faces…

With the US of A in the full festive mood swing, you can expect plenty of feel good movies and wholesome entertainment. And then you get the sequel to The Collector, which has Emma Fitzpatrick approaching a massive box while some yuletide jingles assault the soundtrack. Classy.

Still, The Collection is looking like a decent bit of gruesome holiday spirit fun, complete with the necessary explosions, torture and thrills. Fitzpatrick recently spoke to Playboy about the movie, saying that “This film picks up right after The Collector”.

It’s very much got a thriller/action sort of aspect to the horror film, which I liked, because I’m not a big fan of gore-porn kind of stuff. It takes the storyline of Arkin from the first film and it adds my character’s storyline and they have the parallel stories going on until they converge in the middle.

I got to be the audience’s perspective of what it’s like to come face to face with The Collector. The villain doesn’t have any superpowers, which I think is terrifying, because it could be the guy next door with a mask on.

Starring Josh Stewart alongside Fitzpatrick, The Collection is directed by Marcus Dunstan, who also co-wrote the film with Patrick “Saw 4-7” Melton.

It’s out at the end of next week in America, with no solid release date on our side yet. Better not open up any large boxes this Christmas.


Last Updated: November 23, 2012

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