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SPOILER! Mark Ruffalo reveals Hulk's fate in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON

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If there’s one part of my job I hate it’s this: Having to look at spoilers for movies that I’m really looking forward to. But apparently some of you want to know these things, which means I need to write about them. So I hope you’re happy with yourselves because this one is potentially a SMASH-ing spoiler.

But let’s first get to the non-spoilery part of this post though, as Avengers actor Mark Ruffalo, who had previously petitioned for a new solo flick starring his onscreen counterpart, the Hulk, spoke to MTV about fans’ frequent and very vocal calls for said solo film to be based on the insanely popular “Planet Hulk “comic book story arc. Rumours had surfaced about this being developed into a Phase Three movie a while back, but they have been shot down since. Now Ruffalo explained just why he also feels it’s a bad idea.

“‘Planet Hulk?’ I don’t think that’s the way to go yet. I think you need more Banner. The whole thing is just him as Hulk, on a planet, fighting other gladiators.”

That actually makes a lot of sense. As great as Planet Hulk is, it has virtually no Banner in it. It still works though because the Hulk in those comics has a much more evolved and relatable personality than the monosyllabic brute that’s currently shown on screen, and thus there’s not much need for his human counterpart. A lot of work still needs to be done with the character before he is ready for that.

And now for the SPOILER part, as during a set visit by HitFix‘s Drew McWeeney, Ruffalo was once again asked about Planet Hulk and in reply went on to spill some details about The Avengers: Age of Ultron finale that hints strongly at the Green Goliath’s future adventures. If you don’t want to read any of this, then I suggest you Hulk smash this browser window/tab closed and go do something more productive. Maybe start a stamp collection.

For the rest of you, click on after the pic to see what Ruffalo had to say.


“Do I think there is a “Planet Hulk” movie in development by Marvel? No. Do I think fans of “Planet Hulk” are going to be happy between “Avengers: Age Of Ultron” and “Avengers 3″? Yes.”

Wait a minute… That sounds an awful lot like very clever word play, in that yes, we won’t be getting a proper solo Planet Hulk movie, but Marvel may still be looking at using elements of that story after all. And that appears to be exactly the case as McWeeney found out. His set visit and everything he learned on it is still heavily embargoed, so while he couldn’t get into the how and why specifics of what Ruffalo revealed to him, he had this very telling description of events:

“Banner continues to play a key role in things in this movie, and when the final war with Ultron spills onto the battlefield and out of the virtual realm, he has a major part to play. Unfortunately, that ends with him onboard a Quin jet on his way off the planet, with no way to immediately turn things around. He’s going to have to ride out the trip. It’s pre-programmed and he can’t stop it.”

McWeeney goes on to speculate that the final destination of the Quin jet – a jet designed by Tony Stark in the comics – will be some remote alien planet where Banner/Hulk would run into The Guardians of the Galaxy. Peter Quill’s team of misfits would then get up to some adventure with the Hulk before escorting him back to Earth. This would position all the players appropriately, ready for the inevitable Avengers 3 showdown with big bad Thanos, who will supposedly be on the Guardian’s trail during their upcoming movie.

While that last bit is pure guesswork, it makes a whole lot of sense. There has to be something that gets the Guardians to leave the other side of the galaxy for our neck of the words, and a green vessel of destruction could certainly be it. Plus, this assertion is backed up by the fact that some extras in Guardians of the Galaxy – as well as one of the characters in the Guardians-centric end-credits sequence in Thor: The Dark World – appear to be playing the pink skinned inhabitants of Sakaar, the world on which the Planet Hulk storyline takes place.

Marvel are usually very, very tightlipped about their long-term plans though, so while I’m holding out a sliver of hope for a few nuggets in next month’s Guardians of the Galaxy, I doubt we’ll be seeing any real confirmation about any of this until at least after The Avengers: Age of Ultron has been released next year. It’s going to be a very long wait, I can tell you.

Last Updated: July 2, 2014

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