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SPY GUYS set to venture to a Lonely Island

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Love them or hate them, but the gang from the Lonely Island have made a huge impact on Hollywood. They’ve proved that a bunch of nerdy white guys can make a smash hit rap album, and they have been relatively successful behind the camera as well…possibly not in the business sense of the word. Well, one of them is trying his hand at the director’s chair for a second time.

Jorma Taccone, director of the fiendishly funny spoof Macgruber has been enlisted to direct Spy Guys, with Adam Sztykiel penning the script and the rest of his Lonely Island friends, Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer, producing. While none of the films directed by one of the gang have been box office hits, they do seem to churn out fan favourites, besides the disappointing The Watch (directed by Akiva Schaffer) and with a bit of luck, Spy Guys will be their lucky break.

The film will follow a CIA agent that is framed for a crime and becomes wanted while attending the wedding of one of his friends. He reveals his secret life to them and they all team up to try and prove his innocence.

That sounds relatively generic, but there is loads of potential for gags and action so there is absolutely no knowing which direction Taccone might take with this, so as a fan of Macgruber I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for any more news. I’ll put 50 bucks on the fact that Andy Samberg will play the spy in question, though.

Who would have thought a bunch of guys who like to put certain parts of their bodies into boxes and enjoy giving inappropriate Mother’s Day gifts could have so many opportunities?

Last Updated: September 21, 2012

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