Star Citizen is recruiting some star power

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Star Citizen, a video game where you can surf the cosmic highways in a digital ship that costs the same as an actual real-world motorcycle, hasn’t had the best of weekends lately.

With plenty of ambition backed up by an equal amount of cash to help finance, the Chris Robert’s universe of space exploration has plenty going for it, depending on who you ask. One thing that it didn’t have, that I completely glossed over however?

Voice acting apparently. And Star Citizen is shooting for the stars when it comes to hiring talent.

Straight out of CitizenCon, comes news that Gary “EVERYONE” Oldman will headline a cast of voices as Admiral Bishop in Star Citizen. He’ll be joined by Gillian Anderson, Mark Strong, Sophie Wu, Mark Hamill, Andy Serkis and more in the final game.

Oldman is the only confirmed voice with a role so far, while everyone else merely has a “REDACTED” under their name.

That is some proper solid talent there, talent which most likely wasn’t cheap to hire. Mark Hamill’s Joker laugh rates alone cost enough to finance a war between two small countries according to an unreliable source who may actually be me (totally is).

Hell, I didn’t even know that Star Citizen would have enough of a story mode to justify hiring such actors.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! New screenshots for the single-player campaign Squadron 42 mode have also surfaced, via PCGamesN. They look rather lovely they do. Here’s a gallery of them to peruse while I figure out how to properly wake up after a rAge weekend that left me with a Rocomama ring-sting from a  chilli cheese bomb burger:

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Star Citizen (4)

Star Citizen (1)

Star Citizen (3)

Star Citizen (2)

Star Citizen will be out eventually. Probably.

Last Updated: October 12, 2015

Darryn Bonthuys

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  • Grand Admiral Chief

    Man, that Rocomama Chilli Cheese Bomb burger is flippen awesome!

    Anyone else had it?

    • Greylingad[CNFRMD]

      I am so bummed about missing out on Saturday evening…. After being at rage from 10, I ended up going home at 4, dehydrated, tired and with a sore back from standing in lines all day….

      • Grand Admiral Chief

        I too missed out on Saturday, but I’ve had that awesome burger before.

        • Greylingad[CNFRMD]

          By the sound of it, it seems like a nuclear detonation during consumption and another afterwards….

          • Grand Admiral Chief

            That one is not so bad, they have a chilli one with additional habanero on it.

            I’m not going near one

          • Greylingad[CNFRMD]

            Gee Wizz!! I wouldn’t either!! Bloody hell!! That thing will give you the burns merely by association!

  • Spathi

    Squadron 42 looks amazing! Loved the speech by Bishop, and the tour of the Idris was awe-inspiring.

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      That ship was freaking massive.

      • chromatically2333

        ~250 meters long!

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    I watched the whole presentation. Damned if I wasn’t impressed, things are coming together.

  • oVg

    The most memorable character of all time ZORG 🙂

  • BacchusZA

    If there’s one thing Chris Roberts has always done BLOODY well, it’s story driven space shooters. I have serious doubts the persistant univers part of Star Citizen will live up to all of the hype, hopes and dreams, but I have an idea that the Squadron 42 part will be well worth the price of admission all by itself.

    If that’s as good as the Wing Commander & Privateer games are, then if all the “MMO” part ends up being is jam on top of the donut, I’ll be happy with the money I’ve paid for SC.

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      My main reason for backing was S42, so I’m feeling rather happy right now.

  • Stosta

    So glad I haven’t sunk any money into this yet. If they can pull it off, great! But the constant reminders of “things-we’re-adding-but-you-need-to-give-us-more-money” is dubious at best.

    • Jeff

      They’ve stated multiple times that if people stopped donating now, they would be able to finish the game.

      • Stosta

        Is that what is holding them up? People keep on giving them more money? Microtransactions in a game bug me enough, but these guys take it to a whole new level! “Pay us now, and then you get items that don’t yet exist, in a game that doesn’t yet exist”. Dodge as buggery in my opinion.

        • Abram Carroll

          The game wouldn’t exist without the funding. If funding dries up they get some private capital and then all is for not as there could be micro transactions.. Currently the game can be had by those of limited means for $30. It’s an MMO and AAA single player. After launch there will be no ships sold and UEC will be capped to prevent whales from putting large sums in. The game has orgs so even if people didn’t have ships numbers matter.. There are more ships than players so those of less means can get nice ships by jointing an org. There will also be derelict ships and piracy of ships.
          It’s not like some guy can fly the idris solo and be effective.. It’s massive and requires huge numbers of people to run effectively.

          • Stosta

            I get your point, as a consumer I just don’t like the business model of paying for the promise of something.

          • BottledWater

            That basically describes everything we buy. We buy diet products because they promise to make us slimmer, designer clothes to make us look better, tools that promise to make the job easier etc. PC space-fans are buying into the promise of a game that isn’t designed to be as casual as games have become – something with some meat to it. I think a lot of us are very happy with the status of that promise at the moment. AC is awesome (if you’re into 6DOF shooters) and it allows the redistribution of power, shields, and avionics. The consequences of sustaining minor damage to a thruster, cooler, propulsion, or weapons completely changes how a ship has to be maneuvered and fought. If nobody got behind this project and pushed – we probably wouldn’t have a game like this. I believe that a rising tide raises all ships. The technology being put into SC should benefit lots of games in the future even if SC is only mediocre.

        • Hyper1

          basically the big thing at the moment holding them up is the fact that its only been in development for 3 years, with 1 of those being mostly used to set the company up from scratch, there is a great slide on the citcon presentation where they talk about how many employees they have had since the start of the kick starter, they started with less than 30 people during their first year and are now about 260

        • chromatically2333

          Engineering things this complex is a pretty difficult task. It takes times, sometimes there’s setbacks and delays. Have you ever engineered something? Speaking from experience, I know things don’t always go as planned (imagine constructing a building… when has that ever gone as scheduled?). They are throwing 270+ staff at these difficult problems, and they are some of the best engineers… the people who built CryEngine are on the team, so when people say it uses CryEngine, it’s kind of a misnomer. They started with CryEngine, but it’s heavily modified to allow them to do the tech you’re seeing. These are hard problems and they take time, but they will get done.

      • lambentsoul

        What? No they haven’t. They did, however, stop doing stretch goals a while back. A game like this takes years to finish.

    • Spathi

      Yeah we’re also glad you didn’t back.

      • Stosta

        *Applies vaseline to the area of burn* It makes me glad that I can make you (all?) glad.

  • SargonTheRebornBatpanda

    So really the Roberts half that wears the pants just wanted to meet famous people? And so Star Citizen SP was born.

    • malind2

      Yeah, and when its finished you play the game for 60USD.

    • BacchusZA

      lol When I saw Sandis’ name in that list of voice talent, I couldn’t help but think “Oh c’mon Chriss, keep it classy now”

      • Jeff

        Well, technically she was an actress before Star Citizen came about, and she’s popular in the community, so…

        • BacchusZA

          Are you familiar with her acting resume?

          There’s a whole lot more “technically” than “actress” in there, and this has the distinct whiff of “HUSBAND! You WILL give me a speaking part in your movie! I mean game, dammit!” to it 😛

          And even if that isn’t what happened, and she was in fact the best candidate for the role she’s going to play, there are a whole lot of people who will never believe that & will find her being cast rather questionable.

          I guess she comes cheaper than Jennifer Hale though, at least in terms of a voice acting performance, so she’s got that going for her I guess…..

          • Abram Carroll

            Sandi Gardiner > Jessica Chobot.. Just saying.

          • BacchusZA

            I must admit to feeling a certain satisfaction when reading the news item that reports Ms Chobots demise in ME3 if you don’t take her along on the Normandy with you.

            I can’t say I’ve actually *seen* any of Sandis’ acting though, so I can’t offer much comment on their relative merits. But having examined her IMDB page, I’m not confident that there’ll be any real difference between the two…..

            But eh, so long as the performance isn’t distractingly bad, I don’t especially care. I just want to enjoy the game when it eventually realeases.

    • MarvinMurdock

      Chris was director and producer after he left the gaming industry earlier. So he is just bringing his movie experience back to games.

    • Abram Carroll

      Such low effort from trolls these days.. just sad.

      He’s been producing movies for quite some time.. Did you see The Punisher, The Jacket, Lucky Number Slevin and Lord of War? He already knows quite a few famous people.

  • Mans0000

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  • Jeff

    “Star Citizen will be out eventually. Probably.” Considering Star Citizen has only been in development for about 3 years, and most AAA titles that aren’t even as ambitious as Start Citizen take a good deal longer, I am still confused as to why people think Star Citizen is taking ‘forever’.

    Sure, it’s taking longer than they originally projection, but that was for a far simpler game, and in the Kickstarter Roberts said that if they got enough money they would expand on the game.

    • Spathi

      Wilful ignorance, that is why people think the game is taking forever.

  • CGPepper

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  • James Starr

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