STAR WARS: EPISODE VII to feature Jar Jar Binks' son as a Jedi

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Ask just about any hardcore Star Wars fans what the worst aspect of the prequel trilogy was, and there’s a good chance you’ll get “Jar Jar Binks” as your answer. With his dimwitted clumsiness, silly mannerisms and pseudo-Jamaican lingo, he had many a fan considering inter-species homicide.

But here’s the thing: When George Lucas initially conceived of Star Wars, he was appealing to a very young demographic (see: Ewoks, the) and was trying only to replicate that with Jar Jar Binks. Yes, fans were very vocal about their disdain for the character, but these were mainly original fans who had now grown into far less forgiving adults. On the other hand, kids – the actual intended audience for Jar Jar – responded quite well. So much so that it looks like his legacy will be entwined with the greater Star Wars mythos even further.

If you watch Cartoon Network’s rather brilliant, recently wrapped up Clone Wars animated series, then you would know that at one point Jar Jar, the then Associate Planetary Representative of Naboo in the Republic Senate, cozied up to Queen Julia of the planet Bardotta after she specifically requested him to help her with a political issue on her planet in the eighth and ninth episodes of the show’s sixth season, “The Disappeared – Part 1 and 2”.

What made Queen Julia extra-special is that she was a member of the Dagoyan Masters, a Bardottan group who were very strong in the Force, but did not use their abilities as warriors like most Jedi/Sith, whom they initially distrusted intensely but later reconciled with thanks to Jar Jar’s intervention.


And if a new story from the usually very reliable Deadline is to believed, then Jar Jar personally intervened with Julia several times over the years, if you know what I mean. Meesa think ya do!

Sources working on Star Wars: Episode VII indicate that Jar Jar and Julia’s relationship eventually produced a son – tentatively referred to as Jay Jay Binks (yes, Jay Jay. How very droll) – who’s now one of the newer generation of Jedi warriors said to be taking centre stage in the new trilogy. And Jay Jay is supposedly a chip off his dad’s old block, despite the very powerful Force abilities he inherited from his mom. So think of a bumbling, clumsy cross between a duck and frog, who walks around with a handheld laser and intense powers of telepathy and telekinesis. Okey-dey then.

According to Deadline’s sources, it’s uncertain just how much screen time Jay Jay Binks will be getting in the entire new trilogy, but it’s been confirmed that he plays a central part in at least one of Episode VII‘s major action sequences. Probably involving him tripping over his own ears and then accidentally slicing through half an enemy army with his lightsaber while Force-pushing the other half over a cliff, all while being completely oblivious to what he’s done. Weesa think dis a bombad development.

[Source: Deadline]

Last Updated: April 1, 2014

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