Star Wars live-action TV series possibly gets a name and more

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IGN recently spoke to producer Rick McCallum, while he was promoting Lucasfilm’s latest, Red Tails. McCallum was one of the main forces behind the Star Wars prequels and Clone Wars cartoons, as well as working on the Star Wars live-action TV series – a show that has almost become mythical in stature, due to it’s almost permanent delayed status and lack of info. Well McCallum has spilled a lot of info, such as the show’s working title as well as why Lucasfilms is holding back the production:



For those of you who don’t want to watch the entire ~7 min clip above, here are the cliff notes, some of which may already have been known in one form or another but now has been confirmed:Uggs Black Friday

  • The working title of the show is currently Underworld. No, there won’t be Jedi vampires and werewolves, but I have a feeling that the fanfic sites are having a field day right now
  • It will take place in the dark period between Episode 3: Return of the Sith and Episode 4: A New Hope, and will deal with the seedier underbelly of the galaxy, telling smaller but darker and more mature stories against the backdrop of the Empire wresting control away from the Republic
  • McCallum has confirmed earlier reports that they already have 50 completed scripts in the bag
  • They are looking to do the show with the same level of digital creations as those of the prequels, but whereas the prequels cost around $100 million each, each episode would need to cost $5 million or less
  • Unfortunately the technology to accomplish that goal does not exist yet, but Lucas expects it to be ready in about 4 years time, at which point the series will be revisited
  • Lucasfilms also still need to find a viable distribution model, as network television – with it’s antiquated rating system – is still too much of a gamble
  • They are not looking to make huge profits on this, but at least want to break even financially, which they don’t see happening currently, and is the primary reason for why the show is not in production yet

I think it’s safe to say that I’m the resident Star Wars fanboy around these parts. If there wasn’t a very good chance of my wife leaving me, I would probably grow a killer beard and wear red flannel shirts all week long. So despite the fact that we have been given very little concrete story and character details, I still can’t help but get excited by this.Uggs Outlet Online

Many people have called for George Lucas to stop “milking” the Star Wars franchise and to just move on to different stories, but I’ve always insisted that the Expanded Universe (the events covered outside of the 6 films) is filled with so much good material that’s absolutely perfect for an adaptation. Hopefully this will prove me right.

We still have no proper schedule yet, but whenever it gets released, you can be assured I will be there on my couch, replica lightsaber in hand.

Last Updated: January 11, 2012

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