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Steven Seagal is out to save the world again in this trailer for General Commander

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Some actors are remarkable chameleons who are able to morph in and out of different and diverse characters with relative ease. And then you get Steven Seagal, who pretty much only knows how to play Steven Seagal. Despite playing the same character for over 30 years now, he is still at it and this time we see him trying to save the world once again in a new action film called General Commander.

This time we see Seagal play CIA Agent (yes, another one) Jake Alexander, who takes it upon himself to extract revenge against a mob boss that killed a member of his team, because it simply wouldn’t be a Seagal movie if he didn’t do this. The cast also includes the likes of Sonia Couling (A Stranger in Paradise) and Byron Gibson (No Escape). Check out the trailer below.

Well that was terrible. If there is one compliment that I can give to this movie it’s that Seagal (or maybe his stunt doubles?) is still pretty agile for a 66-year old – even if he appears to be eating a few pies too many these days. Outside of that, I’ve got nothing. The plot looks silly, the acting is terrible and the voice-over in this trailer makes this film sound cheesier than an 80’s action movie. And that’s about as cheesy as they come.

It’s hard to imagine there is still a market for Steven Seagal movies like this in a world which offers so much better action, but it appears people are suckers for nostalgic action and terrible acting. Much like how the world still continues to go crazy for McDonald’s burgers, it appears that even if it’s bad for you, people will still want to watch it.

Last Updated: March 19, 2019

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