Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis may want to THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE

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When one of the world’s most acclaimed directors and arguably (I’ll do that arguing, by the way) the world’s greatest living actor put their then-bearded heads together last year, they created something magical in the Oscar winning Lincoln. Now Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis might just be teaming up again, this time to tackle PTSD stricken soldiers


Deadline and GeekTyrant are reporting the “potential team-up” between the two men to tackle a script by Jason Hall – who is also penning Spielberg’s upcoming American Sniper with Bradley Cooper – which adapts Dave Finkel’s upcoming book Thank You For Your Service. Here’s the book’s synopsis:

No journalist has reckoned with the psychology of war as intimately as David Finkel. In The Good Soldiers, his bestselling account from the front lines of Baghdad, Finkel shadowed the men of the 2-16 Infantry Battalion as they carried out the infamous surge, a grueling fifteen-month tour that changed all of them forever. Now Finkel has followed many of those same men as they’ve returned home and struggled to reintegrate—both into their family lives and into American society at large.

In the ironically named Thank You for Your Service, Finkel writes with tremendous compassion not just about the soldiers but about their wives and children. Where do soldiers belong after their homecoming? Is it possible, or even reasonable, to expect them to rejoin their communities as if nothing has happened? And in moments of hardship, who are soldiers expected to turn to if they feel alienated by the world they once lived in? These are the questions Finkel faces as he revisits the brave but shaken men of the 2-16.

More than a work of journalism, Thank You for Your Service is an act of understanding—shocking but always riveting, unflinching but deeply humane, it takes us inside the heads of those who must live the rest of their lives with the chilling realities of war.

While it’s still early days at this point on Spielberg and Day-Lewis’s involvement, that premise certainly sounds like it could make for some seriously dramatic fare, which should fit right inside the two men’s respective wheelhouses. And knowing Day-Lewis and his infamously grueling and realistic method acting techniques, he’s probably just enlisted in the US Marines and got himself sent over to the closest Middle Eastern war zone so that he can know what its like to have a mortar detonate next to his ears for real. Just in case.

Last Updated: June 6, 2013

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