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Some have strayed in this trailer for the Western-set thriller BRIMSTONE

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Brimstone is the upcoming thriller set in the Wild West from Dutch writer/director Martin Koolhoven, and starring Dakota Fanning and Guy Pearce, that sees a young woman’s quiet life in a small town turned upside down after a vengeful preacher arrives.

The official plot synopsis is as follows:

Liz [Dakota Fanning] has a quiet country life on a farm with her kind-hearted husband and children, but we immediately sense that things are too good to be true. One Sunday, a mysterious new reverend (Guy Pearce) gives his inaugural sermon, and Liz fills with terror; her past has come back to haunt her. Following the service, a local woman goes into labour on the church floor. Through no fault of Liz’s, the birth goes woefully wrong.

When the woman’s husband seeks revenge, the reverend comes to the rescue of Liz and her family — though he warns that punishment will soon befall her. The next day, the family’s sheep are found slaughtered, Liz is sequestered, and her daughter is kidnapped. Thus begins a nigh-biblical sequence of events involving blood, fire, and an epic years-long odyssey spanning states and territories.

This has to be one of the best thriller movie trailers in ages – purely because it doesn’t give away the entire plot and/or the ending to what looks to be a very intriguing story. Add to that a small top-notch cast and a decent-looking setting, and this could be a thriller that pleasantly surprises us.

And I have to say, Harington’s Southern accent is as bad as Pearce’s Scandanavian(?) accent is good.

What do you think?

Brimstone is due for release in the US in March next year. Written and directed by Martin Koolhoven, it stars Dakota Fanning, Guy Pearce, Kit Harington and Carice van Houten.


Last Updated: November 21, 2016

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