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SUPERGIRL's James Olsen gets his own super-suit as Guardian

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Now that Superman is also showing up in Supergirl, you would think that National City would have enough heroes to go around. Jimmy Olsen begs to differ. Superman’s best pal turned Supergirl’s squeeze is apparently looking to clean up the streets himself. Or rather, guard them.

Actor Mecahd Brooks, who plays James “Jimmy” Olsen, revealed via Instagram that he will in fact be suiting up himself as the masked vigilante Guardian, as he debuted this first image of his new heroic duds.


Supergirl‘s version of Jimmy Olsen has always been a dramatically different take on the reedy ginger sidekick of the comics. That reedy ginger sidekick has certainly had his fare share of alter egos though as he got caught up in all kinds of zany adventures that saw develop a bunch of different abilities. He never adopted the mantle of Guardian though, who was created by the great Jack Kirby in 1942 as sort of DC Comics version of Captain America. The Guardian mantle has been passed to a number of different characters over the years, but the original and most well know is Jim Harper, a Metropolis cop who fed up with not being able to do enough decides to take justice to the streets armed with a gold costume and an unbreakable golden shield.

Now its no more Metropolis, no more Jim Harper, and no more gold, but as exec producer Andrew Kreisberg reveals to DC Comics, the sentiments are the same for James.

“These next few episodes are going to make [James] realize that being a photographer is not enough for him, so he’s going to go on a pretty exciting career trajectory that we’re really pumped by. James is going to decide that he can no longer sit back and be a sidekick, so he’s going to decide to become a vigilante.


Unfortunately, it would seem that James and Kara aka Supergirl’s relationship may only have room for one costumed hero.

“He’s going to become Guardian, complete with the shield, which is going to cause a massive problem in his relationship with Kara because he has decided not to tell her. Now there’s this new masked vigilante, and she has her own feelings about vigilantes, and it becomes a push and pull about who gets to decide who gets to be a hero?”


And where James had always been a sidekick in the comics, in Supergirl he’ll be getting a sidekick of his own in Jeremy Jordan’s Winn Schott.

“He’s recruited Winn to help him. The two of them are doing this together, and Winn and James together—it’s comedy gold. Watching Winn, as he takes his job at the DEO, but then he’s lying to everybody about how he’s spending his nights—because he’s going out with James—and how he walks in exhausted or walks in with a black eye and says he walked into a door. It’s the fun and excitement of building these first 10 episodes.”

Winn’s new place is actually kind of fitting. As Supergirl transformed the geeky Jimmy from the comics into their male model version of James, a lot of Jimmy’s comic book personality traits were transplanted to the character of Winn. He is by far the closest character to Jimmy Olsen from the comics, so this makes perfect sense.


Last Updated: October 14, 2016

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