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SyFy’s KRYPTON gets its female lead

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DC continues to build up its pipeline of TV shows to establish their superhero stars on the big screen. It’s a not a model that’s working for them yet, but that’s largely down to the movies not being so great and less so down to the TV shows themselves. Their upcoming show Krypton, which will air on Syfy, goes in the same vein as Fox’s Gotham, only this time serving as a prequel to our the character of Superman. And if you hadn’t guessed it by the time you read the name of the show, you probably shouldn’t be reading this article.

The show was actually announced quite a while ago and has been a long time in the making. However DC has been labouring on to still make it a reality and it appears that they have now secured their female lead for the show in Georgina Campbell. The British actress, best known for her role in After Hours, is quite a big star in British television, but not too well known anywhere else. This series should change all that and make her quite familiar with international audiences.

georgina campbell

Campbell will be playing the character of Lyta Zod, who is an ancestor of classic Kryptonian villain General Zod. Like her descendant Lyta is a soldier; she’s the daughter of a general, Alura Zod. Perhaps more intriguingly, Lyta is in a secret romance with the male lead, Seg-El, Superman’s ancestor.

So, it kind of makes sense to add a strong romantic connection to the show, considering the Krptonians aren’t actually superheroes on their home planet (Earth’s yellow sun gives Superman his abilities). And with the show not going to be about super-heroes and more just a plain sci-fi tale, building strong character stories will need to be key. A love interest thrown into the mix certainly will add to that aim as well.

What will be interesting iis to see what kind of stories they come up with. The show’s setting pretty much predates the comics and so there is no clear villains or sub-plots that they will need to adhere to. Essentially, they will have free reign to do what they want. Provided they don’t somehow kill off the planet early or destroy Superman’s gene pool, it can still fit into the greater continuity of it all. (Yes, in Man of Steel, it showed that Krpytonians had moved on from natural births, but as this is well into the past, I’m pretty sure gene-pools will play a role.)


Creators  have previously claimed that the world of Krypton will be caste-based; so the Zods are part of the military caste, while the Els have been brought up in the scientist caste. I’m not sure what dynamic this will add to the story, but I’m sure these different castes will be in conflict and their different approaches will play a big part on how the stories play out. And while there has been no official word on it, I wouldn’t be surprised if several other castes come up along the way.

We obviously don’t have word on too many other cast members at present, but it seems development is starting to speed up, so we will likely be hearing of more cast signings in the near future.

Are you excited to see the world of Krypton in more detail or are you happy with the different film portrayals of the planet?

Last Updated: September 7, 2016

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  1. DeCode

    October 2, 2016 at 08:17

    As a Superman fan, strangely, I have no interest in this.


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