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Sylvester Stallone wants to tear some people apart in the new trailer for Rambo: Last Blood

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Want to take a guess as to how many people are killed in Rambo: First Blood? Ten? Twenty? Fifty? Try one. And it can even be argued that one solitary death can’t be lain at the feet of John Rambo, Sylvester Stallone’s legendary action hero, since it was the result of somebody falling out of a helicopter after it banked hard while he wasn’t strapped in. Yes, Rambo actually threw a rock at the chopper causing it to bank but there were no lethal intentions.

What’s the point of this little bit of Rambo history? Well, I just needed to remind everybody where the character began back in 1982, a solemn drama dealing with post-Vietnam War reintegration and social distrust of the very people who put their lives on the line for others. That measured, introspective approach is a far cry from what the Rambo franchise would turn into, going full bore over-the-top jingo action as Stallone’s musclebound (seemingly always topless) commando laid waste to America’s enemies all over the world with maximum firepower.

Now, 36 years after this franchise began, it’s all coming to a close with Rambo: Last Blood, in which Stallone and co seemingly want to merge those two discordant approaches to the character. Stallone already went for this with 2008’s ultra-violent and moody Rambo. Now, a decade later, he’s at it again. But as a brand new trailer for Last Blood makes very clear, by looking back to the character’s origins while simultaneously detailing this final tale, there’s still a whole lot of people getting killed. Said people being some South American cartel members who get between Rambo and his familial life of peace. As you may expect, things do not go well for them. Check it out below.

I have to admit, I liked the moodier first teaser trailer for Rambo: Last Blood a whole lot more than this one as it struck that previously mentioned balance between character and action much better. This preview leans a bit too heavily on Rambo’s ability to unleash violence, which is cool but lacks depth. This is just a preview though, so we could still have all of that in the movie.

Unlike 2008’s Rambo, Stallone isn’t directing here, having handpicked Get the Gringo’s Adrian Grunberg to helm. Hopefully, he can recapture the grim flavour of that previous film when Rambo: Last Blood releases on 20 September.

Last Updated: August 21, 2019

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