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It’s a tale of brotherhood in this new trailer for Fullmetal Alchemist

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Not everything that works as an animation will translate well into a live-action movie. Though if you’re looking at what Disney is dong with their latest live-action adaptations you would likely be inclined to disagree with me. There is a certain magic though about what you can do with animation that is difficult to capture in any other way. This is especially true for Japanese anime, which has a distinct style that is difficult to capture in live-action. Yes, strong adaptations like Ghost in the Shell can be made, but even then many elements that worked in the animated version needed to be adapted to translate into a more acceptable movie.

Which is part of what makes this new trailer for the live-action adaptation of the animated Fullmetal Alchemist so different. This film based on the two young alchemist brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric is unashamedly trying to be as authentic as it can in replicating that anime style into the films – even if it comes across as a little silly on screen. Not everything works, especially the outrageous characters, but it certainly promises to have some rather exciting action scenes to make up for it. Having the movie made in its native Japanese is probably contributing to the authenticity of the whole movie as well.

Fullmetal Alchemist follows the story of these two Elric brothers who, after losing their mother, decide to use the power of alchemy to resurrect their mother. They ultimately fail and in the process, Alphonse loses his body and Ed two limbs. The brothers set out on a journey to put things right, but end up uncovering a dangerous global conspiracy in the process.

I’m not convinced this film will work, as too much of it comes across as immature and cartoonish to me. However, I am also not the biggest fan of anime and seeing the story told in live-action is perhaps only exaggerating that fact for me. Diehard fans are likely to be pleased with the efforts made by the filmmakers here to keep this movie looking authentic and faithful to the original.

Fullmetal Alchemist is set to premiere in Japan on December 1st. I’m doubtful it will get a release in South Africa and this is one movie that will probably find its way locally through the magic powers of the internet.

Last Updated: July 14, 2017

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