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Tarantino likes AMERICAN HUSTLE and other stuff I didn't need to know

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Don’t count me as a fan of movie news. Some of you may know I spent years covering video games and it’s the same nonsense: Marketing types slowly drip-feed information that has little bearing on if you will watch a movie or not. All it does is get people frothing over nothing. I mean, have any of you decided that you will be watching Superman vs. Batman because Michael Shannon might be playing Doomsday in it? Hopefully not. If you are, you may need a life.

Still, writing has to happen and my burden for today is Quentin Tarantino talking about Hateful Eight, as well as some other stuff. I have lost a bit of respect for Tarantino since he started acting like a brat during interviews, such as not engaging on debate around violence in his movies. Quentin, I love your work, but in interviews you are no Francis Coppola.

Tarantino was talking to Vulture, and Movies.com picked out the best bits from that conversation. You can read the whole list over at that site, but here are a few takeaways. So basically, I’m doing takeaways from a takeaway article. We have come so far…

Firstly, Quentin thinks American Hustle is a timeless classic, which is pretty much the opposite of my assessment. On the other hand, we both agree that It Follows is a fine piece of film making.

He also defends comic book films, saying such fantastical blockbusters also existed when he was a kid.

The renowned director would have loved to take a stab at Scream and thought Wes Craven’s handling of that was mediocre. Considering it was Craven’s most successful movie ever (yup, even beyond Nightmare on Elm Street), history doesn’t quite agree. Nor do I – until Tarantino re-imagines the slasher genre, he’s just talking from the peanut gallery. Craven did it twice.

Finally, if you were holding out for the Vega Brothers spin-off or Inglorious Basterds sequel, no luck. But Quentin may still be mulling a Kill Bill 3.

Last Updated: August 25, 2015

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