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Ten years later, and Kill Bill is as gory as ever

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Ten years. That’s how long it has been since we saw a certain Kiddo wiggle her big toe, survive a wedding that was bloodier than the back room at a butcher, and take on several dozen Yakuza gangsters armed with swords and a cool gang name.

And a decade later, the action from that iconic scene is still as visceral and raw today as it was then, in these gory and bloody set photos that Miramax has just released.

Kill Bill factoids:

  • Over 450 gallons of fake blood was used throughout the two films – Most of them in the grand finale of the first film.
  • Warren Beaty was originally offered the role of Bill, before suggesting that director Quentin Tarantino contact David Carradine for it.
  • The entrance to the traffic tunnel in Tokyo is actually a tunnel in Los Angeles, that had Japanese street signs added to it. The tunnel was also used in Blade Runner.
  • The Japanese symbols on the background of the poster spell “kirubiru” which is the Japanese spelling for “Kill Bill”.
  • The word “fuck”, is used 17 times through out the film, a first for Tarantino, who had normally used the word at least a hundred in each of his previous films.
  • Approximately $60,000 (R240 000) of the movie’s budget was used for producing swords and sword accessories.
  • Chiaki “Gogo” Kuriyama accidentally clobbered Tarantino in the head with her ball and chain weapon, while filming her fight scene.
  • Sonny Chiba played swordsmith Hattori Hanzo in the film, the man who produced his greatest sword ever for the Bride. In real life, Sonny Chiba actually does make swords.
  • The final fight scene took eight weeks to shoot.
  • After the bride has killed the entire Crazy 88 gang, you can see a masked Quentin Tarantino lying amongst them. And their organs. And their limbs. And their blood…

I’m so getting that photo of Uma Thurman and a scalped Lucy Liu framed.

Last Updated: August 20, 2012

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