terminatorgenisys_smileArnold Schwarzenegger’s been promising to be back since 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgement day, and now, more than two decades later, he’s finally done it. Well sort of. Terminator Genisys may suffer from some bland casting (seriously, Hollywood, just stop with this Jai Courtney experiment!), a coupled forced moments of nostalgia and one or two dodgy action beats, but it also features an Arnie on top entertaining form, lots of great explodey bits, an intriguing new direction for the story, and most importantly, a stupid amount of fun that lets you overlook some flaws.

At least that’s how I felt about it in my 3.5/5 star review. But we’re not a dictatorship here (despite “Kim Jong” Darryn’s insistence that all the men on the staff have to get the same haircut as he does or face the firing squad), so we would love to know what you thought about the movie. So sound off in the comments below, and remember that this discussion is for people who have seen the movie, so SPOILERS are encouraged.

Last Updated: July 6, 2015


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