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The bank loaned just enough to keep their mama poor in this trailer for HELL OR HIGH WATER

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This week is the Cannes Film Festival and while that doesn’t mean much to most cinema goers, it does mean we get to have a first look at a lot of up and coming movies that are due for release. Unfortunately, our attempts to sell Nick off to Somalian pirates as a soul-stealer didn’t work out (apparently he’s not good for anything) and so we didn’t have the funds to go. But at least we are getting a lot of cool trailers coming our way to keep us occupied until such a time as one of us wins the lottery to actually make it to an event like this in person.

And speaking of money, this film, Hell or High Water, is all about it. The film is about brothers Tanner (Ben Foster), a hotheaded ex-con, and Toby (Chris Pine), a divorced father with no criminal record. Together they decide that the only way to raise the capital they need to save their mother’s house from being taken by the bank, is to take the money from the bank directly. The story is not wholly original, but relates to the desperation felt by many people who struggle to keep up with their mortgage payments. They usually don’t need getaway cars and masks to do it though.

The film also stars Jeff Bridges who plays a soon to be retired Texas ranger who is set with trying to solve the current spate of bank robberies and see if he can go out with one last hunt under his belt. The film is written by Sicario scribe, Taylor Sheridan and is directed by David Mackenzie.

The film is due to be shown at Cannes this week, so we may be hearing some early press about it soon, but it is only set for release in the US on August 12th.


Last Updated: May 16, 2016

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