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THE CROODS 2 confirmed, several voices returning

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It’s been a good year for animated films. Well, some of them at least. While movies such as Turbo, a film about the benefit of taking performance enhancing drugs hasn’t exactly set the box office on fire, Monsters University and The Croods have walked away as big winners this year.

Naturally, this Dreamworks film is getting a sequel. And it’ll have plenty of familiar voices returning.

The Croods_1

Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone will return for the sequel, as directors Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco confirmed the news with ComingSoon.net. Having made over $585 million worldwide, it’s clear that Dreamworks may have found their next big franchise alongside How to train your dragon. So what’s next for the prehistoric family? “There’s not much to talk about yet,” Sanders said to CS, “because we’ve got a big lump of clay and we’re forming it as we speak.”

The sequel will keep the beautiful art style of the first film, something that made it stand out from other CGI flicks this year. “[There will be] lots of good creatures,” DeMicco said. “We’ve got creatures that never got into the first movie. We’re going to take a very, very close look at those.”

The film is out on DVD in October. The sequel? That’ll be a couple years away at the very least. All those colourful Cretaceous murder-monsters take time render, don’t ya know?

Last Updated: September 10, 2013

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