THE CROODS are getting a sequel

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Well duh…

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It hasn’t been easy being Dreamworks lately. Even though it was superb and should have won an Oscar instead of the tripe that was Brave, Rise of the Guardians was a financial disaster for the company. That’s the kind of trouble that can close a studio down, but fortunately, salvation came in the form of Nicolas Cage. And his voice. In one of their films. Called The Croods.

So, after spending time making sequels to Madagascar, Shrek, Kung Fu Panda and various TV series based on their properties, guess what? Yep, The Croods will be sequelised! Not too many details are known at this point, beyond the fact that the original writing crew of Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders will be back. No release date, no guarantee that the original actors will be back and no clue as to whether or not your eyeballs will be subjected to the pain of 3D again.

The current Croods film is doing well right now. When a family of Neanderthal cave folk have to venture out of the safety of their cave for the first time, they quickly find themselves caught up in a weird world that is teetering between prehistoric and the modern eco-system of today. It’s gotten some rave reviews so far, and is currently sitting on a pile of cash that is $386.6 million high.



Last Updated: April 18, 2013

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    According to Wikipedia Rise of the Guardians made just over $300 million dollars (budget was $145 million), and that probably excludes the recently-released home media?


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