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The entire MAD MAX trilogy is going to be driving onto Blu-Ray

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Maximum force. Maximum Mel Gibson. Maximum maximum! 34 years ago, the world was introduced to the post-apocalypse, Australia style when George Miller unleashed the other lawman of the future, Mad Max. Mel Gibson portrayed  Max Rockatansky as he travelled through a world that was quickly disintegrating into anarchy, over three films that made the outback even more dangerous than usual.

And he’s headed straight for Blu-Ray, just in time for that fourth film that happens to be starring Tom Hardy as the Road Warrior. Coincidence? Derp!While the special features for each movie have yet to be revealed, they have at least been described in the press release from Coming Soon. So here they are. Also, I threw in the original movie trailers for you guys. Because you’re all cool in my book.

Mad Max (1979)

George Miller’s first entry in the trilogy, Mad Max packs brutal action and insane stunts as it follows the inevitable downfall of relentless cop Max Rockatansky (Gibson) in a world gone mad. Living on the edge of an apocalypse, Max is ready to run far away from it all with his family. But when he experiences an unfortunate encounter with a motorcycle gang and its menacing leader, the Toecutter, his retreat from the madness of the world is now a race to save his family’s life.

Mad Max Road Warrior (1982)

The sequel to Mad Max, Mad Max Road Warrior provides action-packed, “automotive” entertainment, telling the story of a selfish-turned-selfless hero and his efforts to protect a small camp of desert survivors and defend an oil refinery under siege from a ferocious marauding horde that plunders the land for gasoline.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985)

Mel Gibson returns for his third go-round as the title hero who takes on the barbarians of the post-nuclear future – and this time becomes the savior of a tribe of lost children. Music superstar Tina Turner co-stars as Aunty Entity, a power-mad dominatrix determined to use Max to tighten her stranglehold on Bartertown, where fresh water, clean food and gasoline are worth more than gold.

The Mad Max trilogy will be out on Blu-Ray, June 6.

Last Updated: February 26, 2013

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