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The game isn't over,as SAW 8 is in development

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SAW (2)

If there’s one horror movie franchise that really milked the cow, it has to be SAW. Since the first film debuted back in 2003, every year since then saw a new batch of victims get the Jigsaw treatment. 2010 saw the franchise finally get a break with SAW 3D, the seventh film in the franchise.

But where there’s a will to do harm, there’s a way, as the eighth time is the charm for this movie series.

Owner Lionsgate have put SAW back in active development according to Bloody Disgusting. The thing is, no one is attached to the project right now and this film won’t be rushed into cinemas either. With SAW 3D basically ending the franchise, SAW 8 would most likely reboot everything into a pseudo-sequel, with a new Jigsaw behind the puppets.

SAW has always been an interesting concept for a horror film, let down by several mediocre films that were pure cash-grabs at best. It was a Halloween tradition really, but when done properly, it could be way better. Hopefully this reboot will set up a new series of compelling films.

Last Updated: November 6, 2013

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