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The George Miller JUSTICE LEAGUE: MORTAL script wasn't bad at all

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History lesson time! Right now, Batman and Superman have clobbered the box office, with a Justice League movie supposed to be on the way. But this isn’t the first time that Warner Bros attempted to get all their heroes together. Back in 2007, George “Mad Max” Miller was going to direct a Justice League film, which would have had all new actors dressed up in capes and cowls.

But thanks to budget speeding out of control faster than a speeding bullet, a writers strike and Australia no longer being economically viable for the film, Justice League got scrapped. Here’s a look at the script which would have seen the heroes band together to save the world from events set in motion by Batman.Justice League: Mortal would have combined several comic book storylines into one film. Batman as usual, is an distrusting vigilante who has created the Brother Eye system, an advanced AI and satellite system that can terminate metahumans. The Flash would have been the point of view character, who sacrifices himself to save the world, while Wonder Woman would have been a warrior princess that could go toe to toe with any threat. The Martian Manhunter, Superman and Green Lantern John Stewart wold have rounded out the league.

The biggest threat present would be the Brother Eye AI, the robotic sleeper agents One Man Army Corps known as OMAC and Maxwell lord, a telepath who would use his immense mind powers to control Superman. Near the end of the film, with an army of OMACS bearing down on them, Batman would appear and snaps Lord’s neck, breaking his no-kill rule.

It’s not the greatest script ever made…but it’s not a bad script either. There’s no way of knowing what the final film would have looked like, but as an action flick, I dig the OMAC fight scenes described. You can read more of the script here, or you can check out a few pages of it below.

JL Mortal (2)

JL Mortal (3)

JL Mortal (4)

JL Mortal (5)

JL Mortal (1)


Last Updated: October 9, 2013

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