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The GREMLINS remake is picking up speed at Warner Bros

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If you’re still stuck in the 1980s, then the previous couple of months must have felt like deja vu to you. We’ve already had Total Recall and Robocop rebooted. Now, we’ve got Richard Donner bringing back the Goonies, and it looks like someone fed their Gremlins franchise after midnight.


Ain’t It Cool News reports that the remake is now picking up Steam at Warner Bros, and is “moving quickly” from development hell to actual production. Warner Bros has been sitting on the property for years now, but if this rumour finally pans out, expect a director and some stars to be announced soon. And one visual effects studio to suddenly be swamped with more odd CGI than George Lucas’ weird Ewok fetish dreams.

Whether original director Joe Dante will return though, is unlikely. His name has seldom been mentioned over the years, although Stephen Spielberg will probably pop up to executive produce again. Just like he does with most movies in Hollywood today.

Never seen Gremlins? It’s still a pretty rad, if dated movie from 1984. It deals with a teenager who receives a cute Mogwai as a pet, but doesn’t heed the warning to never get it wet, spawning dozens of destructive little evil reflections that run amok. That film got a sequel in 1990, which didn’t just jump the shark, it went into orbit.

Last Updated: April 8, 2014

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