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The Lazygamer Podcast – Episode 013: I'm Batman!

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A scary man in tights, crazy rally cars, old airplanes and an evolution of Space Invaders is where it’s at this week as well as a good deal of gaming news and crazy talk from the podcast team.

Write to us with your thoughts, or even if you just have something that you really want to say at podcast@lazygamer.co.za and if you have an interesting suggestion, topic or question, we may even read it on the podcast. It’s just like being on TV, except it really isn’t.

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Last Updated: August 12, 2009


  1. Microsoft will charge excessive amounts for all sorts of content on the XBox because they can. They are a business and will try to get all they can out of their platform. So I don’t think that they will be giving anything away for free (although I agree that they should 🙂 and I am really excited about the game based avatar awards). While we are on the topic of overcharging and paying a premium, just look at Apple. They are overcharging for music and hardware, no-one is stopping them, they will not even consider anything that they can not slap a huge margin on.
    And I think that Sony is not charging for PSN precisely because they would have deliver more, charging for something immediately raises everyone’s expectations. And I do not think that Sony is great at developing software and services, hardware has always been their forte.Anyway, my 2 cents worth…keep up the good work.


  2. easy

    August 13, 2009 at 09:16

    apple does not charge you for accessing their service, and it is by no means over priced… roughly R110 for an album.

    while apple’s hardware might be out of most peoples range, but that’s due to the high quality finish. whether or not its justifiable is irrelevant and its caters for a niche market. high-end gaming pc’s can cost more than most apple hardware… take a look at alienware!

    ms has struck gold with live, and should make good money out of it, but the route they have taken in terms of pricing i find unpalatable.
    and i feel the psn is taking the right route, even though it lacks the shine of live, its a robust service that’s evolving and constantly moving in the right direction. although i doubt it’ll rival live anytime soon.


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