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The List of Successful and Famous Gamblers

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Have you ever noticed how you feel when you win at something? This emotion of winning can manifest itself in absolutely any game, from beating the boss in an online game to breaking the bank in poker. Feeling good, after winning, can inwardly drive you to keep playing, hoping for another win.

The danger is that players become addicted to the feeling of winning and stop noticing any limits. By playing gambling, not only can large sums of money be lost, but it can threaten the player with a real threat of gambling addiction.

The connection with reality must not be lost under any circumstances, and every gambler should be aware that it is not always possible to win. Below you will find a few players who have won money by playing in various casino games over the years. One of the authors of OnlineCasinoSpot, an archive of online casino reviews in Canada, Charles Moore, helped us prepare this list.

1. Zeljko Ranogajec

Born in 1961 in Hobart, Australia, Zeljko Ranogajec began his studies in Commerce and Law at the University of Tasmania. Mr. Ranogajec got his first major success playing blackjack. Here, the player became so successful that he could quickly turn a few hundred dollars into high winnings.

Zeljko shifted after the experiences with Blackjack on other gambling. Thus, in 1994, the gambler won a Keno jackpot with more than seven million dollars. However, betting on horse races became his hobby. Here he developed profitable strategies. However, he did not implement them alone. According to sources, Zeljko Ranogajec used the help of a network he had built up himself, especially for the search for information and analysis. The player’s fortune is estimated at about 600 million Australian dollars.

2. Phil Ivey

Born in 1977 in California, poker professional Phillip Dennis Ivey Jr. is not only considered one of the most famous poker players. With several tens of millions of US dollars, Ivey has decisively dominated the scene in recent years. Phil Ivey is on the same level as Daniel Negreanu. In addition to the prize money, Ivey can also call himself a multiple poker champion. In 2014, he won his last of 10 bracelets at a WSOP event – Eight Game Mix. In total, the player finished as a winner 67 times – an impressive record.

But Ivey has also been successful away from the tournament tables. The pro is particularly known for a three-day cash game against Texas billionaire Andrew Beal. During this session, the player took around 16 million dollars from Beal.

3. Billy Walters

Especially when it comes to sports betting, Billy Walters proved to have the right nose during the years of his active “career”. Sources said that Walters had a win streak of 30 years (more details). In other words, during this period, the gambler was able to finish every year in the black.

However, Billy Walters only became successful in the second half of his life. Until his mid-30s, the gambler lost rather regularly and gambled away his house, among other things.

4. Pius Heinz

Not every gambler has become rich directly in the casino. Pius Heinz (check out his Instagram) proves that gambling sometimes also has a lot to do with skill. Especially in the poker world this name has special meaning. The poker professional was the first German to win the Main Event of the Poker World Championship. 

In the end, Heinz also triumphed in the November Nine. That illustrious circle of professionals who play the final table and settle the struggle for the title among themselves. Pius Heinz won the exhausting game and in the end secured the coveted bracelet – along with a double-digit million prize. Although no longer active as a poker player today, Pius Heinz has written himself into poker history and earned a place in the list of avid (and successful) gamblers.


Although winners in poker, sports betting and gambling have been discussed here, it should not be ignored that winning and losing are very close. It is necessary to keep in touch with reality.

Last Updated: November 9, 2022

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