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The Lone Ranger gets a soundtrack from a Seven Nation Army

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I love a good movie score. To me, it’s one of the things that really make a film magical. Think of that booming orchestra from Robocop, which somehow emphasised that a cybernetic police officier was about to maim you, or that iconic Star Wars theme, that is still worth listening to, even several decades later.

Arnie Hammer, and Johnny “Crow for a Toupee” Depp are busy shooting up the wild west for Gore Verbinksis’ Lone Ranger, but those blazing saddles of theirs are going to need some tunes to set the mood. Melodies that have been procured from one half of the White Stripes, Jack White.

The Raconteurs and Dead Weather rocker also released his first solo album this week, “Blunderbuss”, and it seems like there is no shortage of job opportunities lined up for him right now.

Perhaps he can give Tonto a decent theme tune for that dead crow on his head, as he recounts the origin and adventures of John Reid, the Lone Ranger.

Last Updated: April 25, 2012

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