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The new LOBO is dumb. Long live the old LOBO (and Danny Trejo)

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You know what I hate about comic culture? There is this assumption that you are either a DC or Marvel fan.

This often puts me in a tough spot, since I really don’t care for Marvel. I just don’t. There isn’t a single Marvel character I could be arsed to explore. In contrast, there are actually DC characters I have a passing interest in. Three, to be exact: Batman, The Joker and Lobo.

Does that make me a DC fan? Nope. I own more Judge Dredd books that those three combined. But if you really had to corner me, really make me swear allegiance to DC, it will be because of Lobo.


But not – and I must impress this point – NOT the new Lobo. Seriously, f*** the new Lobo. I only recently discovered his existence (since part of not caring about DC comics is not reading DC comics, unless it’s Vertigo). What a bland, terrible creation. It has nothing in common with the unhinged, Lemmy Kilmister-looking bastich that makes The Punisher look like a soccer mom.

(Er, slight retraction: I do care about ONE Marvel character…)

Well, if DC wants Lobo to head to the big screen, they might have to abort the new boy-band-looking design. Word has it that Danny Trejo has put in a bid for playing Lobo via social media, which is just about as typecast as you can hope for. Trejo IS Lobo, as demonstrated by his Son of Lobo movies aka Machete.

The closest actor next to Trejo is Jason Momoa, but he’s already Aquaman. Then again, maybe he can be Lobo pretending to be Aquaman.

None of this is official: DC has not indicated it will introduce Lobo to its movie universe, preferably by spoiling it in a trailer. But time is ticking: Trejo is not young at all any more. But he still has enough in him to bring Lobo to life.

Just in case you don’t know who the Main Man is…

Last Updated: January 21, 2016

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